Rick Levine – Yods, Golden Yods and Septile Yods

When it comes to aspect configurations, the Yod has a certain mystery about it. The annoying 150-degree quincunx aspect is often dismissed as a non-aspect or an irritant, but there is more to them than meets the eye. Rick will unfold the fascinating story of this most unstable point in the zodiac. After all, having […]

Jelena Lemot – Once upon a time in France

It is true that astrology has existed for millennia and that no one knows precisely when its appearance began. On the other hand, its decline in Europe, and particularly in France, is relatively recent. How to understand why the professional Astrology is so badly recognized in France, the Country of the Sun and the Lion, […]

Jodie Forrest – The Ascendant: Your Entry Vehicle

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The Sun is who you are, the Moon what you feel — but what's the Ascendant? It's what you must embody, the territory you must cross, to be who you are and get what you need. In evolutionary astrology, it's the vehicle that drives the entire incarnation, and also the terrain you must explore and master during this lifetime. Your Ascendant is custom-designed, via its ruler, aspects and/or first house planets, for the territory you must navigate…


A Complex is composed of many highly charged autonomous centers, possessing a strong energy of their own and creating their own core beliefs. We’ll examine some of these energy networks and see how to integrate them through awareness, avoiding some psychological malfunctions and using some chart examples.     Full video at: ISAR STAR CLUB […]

Roy Gillett – Making Friends with Astrology

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Knowing the astrology of people, as well as of the present, past and future times, enables us to see the world through others’ eyes; to experience their needs, fears and pleasures, as if they were our own. We see and feel responsible for a complete Universe. Roy will illustrate this with individual charts, synastry and historical astro-events and, looking ahead, suggest how such insight could help everyone create a better future.