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Chiron's Messages


​November 9-10, 2013, Belgrade, Serbia


The Second ISAR CAP Conference, called "Chiron's Messages" will take place in Belgrade, Serbia November 9-10, 2013.

At this second ISAR CAP Conference there will be 10 speakers from the Balkans, all ISAR CAPs. Also speaking will be Bern Jurecic, ISAR's VP from Slovenia. The topic of the Conference is the 36th  anniversary of Chiron's discovery (Nov, 1, 1977) and its role in modern Astrology.


Speakers and their topics at this Conference are:

  • Aleksandar ImsiragicThe Soul Age in Karmic Astrology
  • Svetlana MileticSymbols and the Law of Trinity
  • Bern JurecicDo we live our Sun Sign?
  • Jelena LemotThe Ninth Harmonic as Relationship, ideal and a mission of a person
  • Aleksandra RalicMagnificent Saturn
  • Emira AntonicThe Hologram of Love
  • Djurdjija DjuricSpace Healing
  • Smiljana GavrancicThe Key Steps in Relationship analysis
  • Zorica IlievskiThe importance of Ascendant in Natal Chart
  • Lea ImsiragicHow to heal challenging aspects of Mars