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Welcome to the International Society for Astrological Research


Gisele Tery

A Message from ISAR’s President

Welcome and thank you for your interest in ISAR. ISAR is truly an international institute, with membership in 26 countries.  We are proud to have this diversity of astrological cultures in our organization.

ISAR began as a research-oriented astrological organization in the late 1960’s. In 1979, ISAR was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in the state of California.  ISAR upholds the highest standards of competence and ethics in astrology, and supports the highest standards of education in the field.

ISAR advances education in astrology through its Certification Program.  Ethics Awareness, Consulting Skills, Competency Skills, and elective courses are requirements for those who wish to become ISAR Certified Astrologers. ISAR’s Certification Program has been translated and incorporated into astrological schools and organizations in several different countries including Argentina, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Serbia, Israel, and China.

Biennial conferences are another way that ISAR promotes education.  A stellar line-up of speakers from all around the world brings astrologers together to our conferences that serve as centers for the gathering and dissemination of ideas and astrological programs.
A variety of approaches to the study and practice of astrology is celebrated. ISAR’s website broadcasts in different languages, uniting astrologers in a bond of cooperative assistance and good fellowship The International Council of ISAR’s Vice Presidents provides an opportunity for interaction between these countries.

ISAR publishes the International Astrologer thee times annually.  This journal contains articles written by both established and upcoming astrologers in every specialty of astrology.  In addition, the weekly Ezine, the ISAR online newsletter, provides a forum through which astrologers can communicate with each other, share new concepts, and exchange the results of astrological research, for the purpose of better educating themselves. 

ISAR offers grants for original astrological research and publicizes comprehensive and promising research studies in astrology.  It distinguishes between scientific, empirical and qualitative research and establishes guidelines and support for each. ISAR also gives scholarships to promising students to help them expand their astrological education.

Membership includes eligibility to join special interest discussion groups - e.g. the ISAR financial list or the metaphysical list.- to obtain discounts at specified conferences including The United Astrology Conference (UAC) and to receive a membership-networking directory.  Other benefits of being a member of ISAR are listed in the Membership section of this website.

ISAR is governed by an elected board of astrologers, aided by a group of dedicated people in appointed positions as well as the International Council of Vice-Presidents. Many of the best ideas have come as a result of constructive feedback and membership input.

On behalf of the ISAR board and myself, we welcome you to ISAR and look forward to meeting you in the near future.

Gisele Terry, M.A., C.A. P. President, 
International Association of Astrological Research, Inc.


ISAR Certified Astrologers

ISAR Certified Astrologers

Certified Astrologers in your region

Astrologers listed here have been certified by ISAR for successfully completing all requirements for certification.

Code of Ethics

The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) is an educational organization whose members are dedicated to promoting high standards of ethics in astrological education and research astrology.

Who are we?

Who are we?

Growing Up With ISAR

This history of ISAR highlights our 22 years of incorporation in California, and is largely retold from my memories as a Board member and officer from that first incorporation in 1979 until 1999, and currently as a Board advisor.  All of the original minutes and Board records that I kept are in storage awaiting transcription to the ISAR electronic archives which is hopefully on the agenda in the near future.