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Day 2 - Schedule




SESSION #1  9:30 - 10:45 AM

Track #1       Room: Emerald 1

Samuel Reynolds: Discovering Your Part in Your Generation’s Mission

Although Neptune and Pluto have longer transits through signs for “generational” periods, Reynolds will elucidate how the 7-year transit of Uranus through a sign can clarify each generation’s mission, when that generation will likely act on its mission, and how you might discover how this mission in your personal chart. He’ll look at the Uranus in Cancer through Uranus in Capricorn “generations.”


Track #2          Room: Emerald #2

Armand Diaz: Separating Aspects: The Astrology of Breakups and Other Partings

Astrologers are often called upon to help clients who are in the midst of difficult relationship transitions, including breakups and separations. While challenging, these times often lead to growth and profound healing. In this presentation we will cover the major patterns of breakups, using the forecasting techniques of transits and progressions to the natal and composite charts. While focusing mainly on romantic relationships, we will also cover breakups in friendships, business, and family relationships.

Track #3          Room: Emerald #3

Erin Sullivan: Uranus Neptune Pluto: Transits for Personal Transformation

The outer planets are the most personal planets. Each will transit a single degree 3 times over 18 months (Pluto now 4 times). These transits are seeded in the psyche at birth, and are a predictable once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for soul/psyche awareness and personal growth. Stages of the 3 passes bring a dramatic level to your individuation process - moving through the sleeping recesses of the psyche to conscious   Self awareness. Resistance to the first pass is normal, hearing the message from the Self is second - acceptance is the outcome.

Track #4          Room:  Balboa #2

Priya Kale: Chiron: Finding Purpose

We spend our lives looking for that all-elusive "purpose," which is often confused with the desire for validation and recognition. Tracking Chiron's transits, brings deep insight into one’s journey from birth to present, revealing one's unique gift and purpose, which allows him/her to transmute pain and darkness into healing and light. Learn to recognize Chirotic themes; forecast periods of rapid transition and growth (from mundane to karmic and spiritual levels) which offer an opportunity to step out of the Karmic wheel.

Track #5          Room:  Balboa #1

Nitin Bhandari  Crude Oil and Astrological Correlation with Long Term Cycle

This class will outline long-term cycles in crude oil and compare it to long-term planetary cycles. In the presentation, you will see which astrological factors have the highest correlation to long-term tops and bottoms in crude oil prices, and which of those signatures will be in effect in the near future. 


SESSION #2  11:15 - 12:30

Track #1          Room:  Emerald #1

Demetra George: Hellenistic Time Lords

Look into the forecasting toolbox of ancient astrologers and discover a host of lost timing techniques. An introduction to determining the various times in life when certain topics such as children or marriage will become activated as seen by the procedures of circumambulations through the bounds, planetary periods, zodiacal releasing, and annual profections. Demetra will present an example where all four techniques, each using different factors, pinpoint the same pivotal event.

Track #2          Room:  Balboa #1

Dorothy Oja: The Davison Chart and Presidential Couples

The Davison Relationship Chart analyzes the unique dynamics between two people. Can we find key placements for political success in the Davison charts of Barack and Michelle Obama, George W. and Laura Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, George H. and Barbara Bush, Ronald and Nancy Reagan, and John F. and Jackie Kennedy? If so, are these key factors present in the Davison charts of the nominee couples running for President in 2016? You’ll learn about analyzing the Davison chart and what potentially makes a “power couple.”


Track #3          Room:  Emerald #2

Glenn Perry: Present Centered, Purpose Focused Prediction

Using case histories, we’ll explore the importance of the present in astrological prediction, as well as the central role of purpose. If the Universe is a blind, clockwork mechanism causing events for no particular purpose, then prediction enables clients to exploit foreknowledge to egoic advantage. If, however, the Universe is an intelligent, organic process intentionally orchestrating events to facilitate the soul’s evolution back to source, this has profound implications for how and what we predict. The question then becomes not what is going to happen, but what is it happening for?

Track #4          Room:  Balboa #2

Leisa Schaim: Repeating Years, Repeating Themes: A Simple But Powerful Technique

The technique of annual profections is a fascinating way to see the hidden connections between certain years of a person's life. Certain themes repeat at set ages, while the specifics of how those topics will be experienced relate to both the condition of the chart placements as well as current chart movements affecting them. This lecture will explain the basics of how to use this technique, and then will show case studies of how people have experienced these repetitions over time using example charts.                  

Track #5          Room:  Emerald #3

Grace K Morris: Forecasting Financial Markets and Mundane Astrology

Grace has successfully forecast the direction of the stock market and the economy for over 30 years. Picking favorable sectors and winning stocks, accurately predicting interest rates, inflation/deflation cycles and the real estate values has proven profitable for her clients and subscribers. She will share with you the resources she uses so you, too, can profit!

Track #6    Room:  Laguna Beach

Charlotte Benson:  Predicting Times of Career Success

Status, recognition in profession, and “good works done in the outer world” are the business of the 10th house – the home of Karma. Observing the 10th lord, and other Karmasthana karakas; transits over the dasamsha harmonic chart; the condition of the Sun; the maturity of the 10th lord; certain success-producing yogas, and when these yogas become effective in their dasa periods – all these can give a very good indication of periods of career success.




Luncheon        Room:  Balboa I

Alex Zolotov: The Thema Mundi and Chaldean method of decan assignment

The decans, one of the oldest and simplest methods of sign subdivision, has the potential to provide additional information related to planetary placement within signs.  Planets are assigned to the decans primarily by Modern and Chaldean methods.  The Thema Mundi, the fundamental teaching diagram of Hellenistic astrology, can easily explain the correlations between planetary speed and the Chaldean order of the planets used for decan assignment.  Its examination can help students of astrology get a better understanding of Chaldean decan order and, as well as its practical implications. 


Luncheon        Room:  Balboa II

Rachel Capurso:  If All Time Is Eternally Present: Dilemmas in Forecasting Through a Weekly Column

In the social media schema of the 21st Century, pop astrology habitually exploits the millenarianism of our time. The perennial frustration of an astrologer committed to writing a weekly forecast is the conflict that exists between the popularity of obtuse fortune-telling and the ethical necessity of offering a conscientious interpretation of emergent phenomena. The role of the forecaster should be to inspire historical and cyclical views of time without resorting to aggrandized claims

Luncheon        Room:  Emerald II

Tad Mann: Researching the AUTISM Code Astrologically        

Autistic Spectrum disorders are rampant in the US. How can we learn how to astrologically spot this tendency and help those with it and their parents? Its etiology includes Saturn (many autistic children’s mothers are depressed) and some associate it with Neptune (drug or vaccine-related influences. Using Life-Time Astrology (Gestation houses 9th—ASC) we can see into gestation and uncover important prenatal risk factors.

Luncheon        Room:  Emerald III

Ian Waisler:  Money in America and the Astro Community in the 21st Century

Using the charts of the moment, of this nation, and our collected group intelligence, Ian aims for us to unpack and query our assumptions and understandings.  All voices are encouraged to collaborate in re-visioning what healthy ecologies and economies we choose to enliven. 

SESSION #3  2:30 - 3:45 pm


Track #1          Room:  Emerald #1

Robert Corre: On Concurrence or Cooperating Causes

Morin de Villefranche wrote that predictions often failed without taking into account what he termed “concurrent causes.” Examination of the natal makes known what events may occur over a lifetime; the question of when is known through various timing techniques. Morin emphasized giving precedence to primary directions over solar returns and transits. Reliable prognostication requires cooperation of the aforementioned techniques with the primaries. Lacking agreement among these separate causes, an event may not occur or could occur sooner or later than forecast.

Track #2          Room:  Balboa #2

Laura Rose Desjardins: Who's the Matter with Me?

Solar Arc Directions are one of the oldest predictive techniques in astrology. When a solar arc directed planet makes an aspect, it can cause an event, which can be forecasted well in advance. Laura will show how future trends and cycles effect each of us in multiple areas, but specifically how relationship can affect our health and wellbeing. Major events can also be forecasted in relationships easily through the 90 degree dial and midpoint structures. Laura likes to make this fun, so please bring your charts and enjoy.

Track #3          Room:  Emerald #2

Gisele Terry: Forecasting Critical Times of Change with Secondary Progressions

This presentation focuses on forecasting important change and development with secondary progressions to the natal chart. Emerging patterns describe the meaning of each person's unfolding experience and unique challenges in life. These can be reflected through secondary progressions alone, from secondary progressions to the natal chart, or in three dimensions, across natal, progressed, and transiting charts. This class will provide a guideline for identifying, prioritizing, and interpreting the most significant progressed planetary themes.

Track #4          Room: Balboa #1

Monica Dimino: The Moon"s Nodes: The Evolving Cycles of the Earth"s  Journey

This lecture will introduce you to the universal aspects of the Nodal cycles. The signs involved speak to the meaning of these Nodal Transits.  The North Node spends irregular amounts of time in each sign, a condition which translates into brief or extended phases in these 18+/-year nodal cycles. They can relate to mundane events and our individual, personal Journeys.. And they become very relevant in forecasting events.

Track #5          Room: Emerald #3

Chris McRae: Global Hotspots: Geodetically Speaking

This is a useful concept for personal relocation as well as determining global hotspots for political, geophysical or societal shifts as well as severe weather outbursts. It can be a cusp structure in which to insert your natal chart for relocational comfort/discomfort, as well as a political leader's influence in a geographic area. Geodetic chart angles are permanently located on a map for quick eyeball assessment for either personal or mundane forecasting.

Track #6    Room:   Laguna Beach

Sam Geppi:  Vedic Astrology: Personal and Spiritual Time

Vedic astrology has two distinct methods of timekeeping: those which originated in the Vedas, and the more familiar ones, used in horoscopic/personal astrology. Both are valuable and serve distinct functions when selecting auspicious times. Typically these two distinct systems are  muddled together. In this class both methods will be explored and contrasted with many case studies to illustrate. Implicit in this discussion are tropical/sidereal zodiac, astrology in religious ceremonies, personal timekeeping (horoscopic/earth-centric) and spiritual (Vedic/celestial) timekeeping.



SESSION #4   4:15 pm

Large Gathering of 4 Speakers:  Pacific Ballroom

Hostess:  Chris McRae

A.T. Mann:  Dynamic Astrology, DNA and the Spiral Solar System

Your past integrates with your future! Life processes through the houses, starting with conception at cusp nine. We age logarithmically, and time accelerates around the chart. The spiraling solar system resonates with the DNA molecule, tying astrology with biology, a radical integration that is being validated through new discoveries in genetics and physics. This unique astrological process approach integrates psychological insights of your karmic past with predictive trends in your future.


Antonia Langsdorf:  Close Encounters with Taboos and Passions:  The Transits of Lilith

Breaking free, leaving the gated paradise of your relationship for a passionate love affair, becoming initiated in new dimensions of sexuality - that’s the power of The Black Moon Lilith. By looking at Lilith in the transits as well as the synastry of the lover’s natal charts, you will be able to forecast how a love affair will unfold: Will it knock you off your socks?


Monica Dimino:  Strategies for Successful Predictions and Forecasting

Not all situations are the same; not all forecasting tools apply either. This lecture will look at the various situations in play when we attempt to look ahead for outcomes and answers. We will begin by listing the categories of situations that call for predictions and/or forecasting by defining the two. Then we will look at the variety of available tools and consider which best apply to the question at hand.


Julija Simas:  The Rhythm Divine:  Tuning into the Rhythm of the Venus Star

Venus not only creates the well known pentacle with 5 retrograde points every 19 months, but also a pentagram reaffirming these 5 points every 9.5 months. Where are these points and how do they affect our astrology as they eternally embed themselves transiting slowly backwards in our charts. How does this Venus star help you to understand your life, what you have created so far and what you are creating right now. Tune into the Divine Rhythm as Venus points out a few things.


8:00 PM                      ORG CRAWL PARTIES 

Come join us for a fun evening of “meet and greet” several astrological organizations that will be present. Learn all about what they do and what services and benefits they provide to the astrology community. For instance, perhaps you wish to speak before a local southern California group. This is the place to make a contact and let them know – they are looking for future speakers!  Or maybe you want to connect with the large delegation of Chinese astrologers who will be there. They want to meet you! There will snacks and an open bar, and a chance to just sit down and talk with your colleagues, in a relaxed, friendly, an open environment.

Pacific 1                      California Local Groups – Laura des Jardins

Pacific 2                      ISAR, NCGR. AFAN

Emerald 1                    AYA

Emerald 2                    ACVA

Emerald 3                    QA

Balboa 1                      Alexandria iBase Library Project

Balboa 2                      OPA