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ISAR 2014 Schedule of Events



Pre-conference Workshops
Wednesday, Sept 24th, 3-7pm

1. Frank Clifford

Mastering Solar Arc Directions: Tracking Your Life Story 

Master this simple forecasting (and rectification) tool and identify landmark periods in your life with clarity and accuracy. Learn how Solar Arcs can become an invaluable part of your toolkit and enhance your work as an astrologer. Today, Frank will present his original work into Solar Arc, and will introduce ‘Shadow Transits’, which link seemingly unrelated life events. Feel welcome to share your charts and life stories. Some of these will be used during this interactive day.

2. Richard Tarnas

The Gods at Play: Archetypal Powers and Patterns in the Arts 

The capacity to discern the fundamental archetypes of astrology can be greatly enhanced through experience of the arts, which engage the full range of human sensibilities – emotional, imaginative, somatic, mental. Using depth psychology and archetypal astrology, this entertaining workshop will explore brilliant examples from music and comedy, from Puccini to Billie Holiday and Bruce Springsteen, from Monty Python to Lily Tomlin and Stephen Colbert, to illuminate the astral gods that inform human experience.

3. Christine Skinner

The Financial Universe and Astro-Trading 

Decoding the cycles of the planets and their influence on financial situations provides research opportunity for astro-traders. There is something compelling about the prospect of using this information to forecast price movements. This tutorial will introduce possible astro-driven trading systems for the Dow Jones Index, USD/GBP and Euro, gold and silver, but will begin by discussing the changing role and face of money suggested by the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of 2020.

4. Richard Smoot

Advanced Chart Reading Symposium – Threading the Needle 

This Workshop is fashioned after the Advanced Chart Symposium held in August 2011 in Florida.  It is designed to enhance your chart consultations by knowing how to follow the thread and complete the story through planets in houses, signs, aspects and dispositors. This workshop is extremely useful for astrologers of all levels, and especially for those who are preparing to take the ISAR Competency Exam.

Post Conference Workshops
Monday, Sept 29th, 10am-2pm

1. Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer

Using Transits to Bring the Natal Chart to Life 

It all starts with the birth chart, yet intersections on the road of life can effectively be timed and described by transits. Join Jeff and Rick on an exploration of transit astrology that will strengthen your overall chart reading skills and help you make better use of transits in your readings and in your life. Charts of participants will be used to demonstrate techniques.

2. Nuno Michaels

Stepping into Wholeness: Astrology as a Healing 

Working from the idea that “to heal” means to become whole and every symptom is created in consciousness with that same purpose, we’ll be able to use the astrological chart to illuminate and chart our own Healing journey as we to step into the circle of our own Wholeness, or Divinity. Participants will then be able to apply every bit of Astrology they already know to fostering their own healing and of those around them.

3. Lynn Bell

Border Crossings- the 8th House 

The 8th house describes the many border crossings of our lives, from sexual initiation, to the passage  between life and death.    As the entrance to the underworld in Hellenistic astrology, it plunges us into the unknown, and offers an initiation.  Depression and guilt may often be symptoms of being 'stuck' here. How best to complete the metamorphoses required by transits or natal planets in this house?




Sunday, September 21 

Consulting Skills Training:  Levels One and Two: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Monday and Tuesday, September 22 & 23

Consulting Skills Training:  Levels One and Two: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM 


Wednesday, September 24

Ethics Training and Test:  9:00 AM - 1:00 PM 
Pre Conference Workshops:  3:00 - 7:00 PM


Thursday, September 25

OPENING CEREMONIES:  11:24 AM – 12:15 PM   Akimel Ballroom One & Two 
LUNCH: 12:15 - 1:45 PM


 SESSION #1:  1:45 - 3:00 PM: Lectures  

1. Samuel Reynolds: Horse Room

Astrology for the Sceptic 

Managing religious and scientific sceptics with grace and style. Although it’s not fun to argue with sceptics, it can be productive to have effective ways to disperse misperceptions of astrology from the super-religious or empirically minded. Reynolds, a former sceptic and anti-astrology Baptist minister himself, will highlight ways to face sceptics about astrology without a fight or a fuss.

2. Zorica Illievski: Ant Room

Importance of the Ascendant in the Natal Chart 

We see charts with unused potential living parts of their charts only on an unconscious level, through other people. They can’t identify themselves with those attributes or abilities. Reason for that lies in their Ascendant and ruler of the Ascendant, which define our basic energy and direction. Examples will illustrate how the same things in two charts could be manifested in different ways in real life according to ruler of the Ascendant.

3. Laura Nalbandian: Quail Room

Putting it Together: Foundations in Chart Synthesis 

You’ve learned all the keywords, memorized the archetypes and the planets and now for the difficult part – putting it all together. Synthesis is the “Art” part of astrology. In this lecture Laura will lay out a grounded methodology, putting planets in signs, houses and adding the dispositor’s placement.

4. David Railey: Jack Rabbit Room

The Soul Purpose: The Lunar Nodes as Keys to Chart Interpretation  

Learn how pervasively this nodal theme expresses itself in every area of a person’s life and reveals the “Why” of an individual’s life. This lecture moves through case histories from David’s practice, underscoring the meaning and use of the lunar nodes by sign and house position, and using techniques and applications not covered in his book. [Intermediate to advanced level].

5. Chris Brennan: Bird/Road Runner Room​

What Astrologers Learned from the 2012 US Presidential Election 

The 2012 United States presidential election provided astrologers with many important lessons, and now that some time has passed we can assess which techniques were most effective in predicting the outcome of the election. This lecture will recap some of the most important lessons that astrologers learned from the 2012 election, and show how these lessons can be applied to predicting the outcome of other elections in the future.

6. Glenn Perry: Deer/Scorpion Room​

Venus-Neptune: From Sacrificial Relations to Undefended Love  

Hard aspects between Venus and Neptune often compel us to sacrifice the very love we want. Unconscious guilt is usually the culprit, which manifests in a menagerie of self-defeating relationship choices: imaginary lovers, substance abusing partners, cheating spouses, secret affairs, and addictions to people that cause us suffering. There are positive outcomes, too, if the proper sacrifice is offered. In this lecture, we’ll explore how to uncover and resolve unconscious guilt and open to our potential for undefended love.

7. Julene Packer-Louis: Gila Monster Room​

Vertex: Fate, Serendipity and Attraction  

The Vertex shows the people, things and events that happen through serendipity. Finding our Vertex theme sheds light on the less conscious principals behind what we attract and when. This lecture covers the science behind attraction and how to use the Vertex more consciously to attract what we want into our lives. It is an incredible timing tool for life’s monumental events and relationships. Many example charts with event and relationship timing will be used.

8. Raymond Merriman: Akimel One ​

America at the Crossroads: Will It Survive, Perish, or Transform? 

This presentation will examine the charts of the United States, its transits and progressions, the USA president, his transits and progressions, and Congress. It will examine the transformation taking place in the USA under the 2008-2015 Cardinal Climax, and where the nation is headed, pending choices taking place right now.

9. Lee Lehman: Kave Three  ​

The Nexus of Electional Astrology and Magic 

During the Arabic and Latin Medieval periods, a portion of Electional astrology was stripped from astrology and afterwards was only found in magical texts. What was lost was the complete system of medical remedial measures, as well as much practical knowledge for picking effective times for inceptions. This lecture explores these ideas, which, if recovered into Electional astrology, give the astrologer more powerful results.


 SESSION #2:  3:45 - 5:00 PM: Lectures  

1. Margaret GrayHorse Room

Exploring our Relationship with Love and Intimacy in the Emerging Paradigm of Soul-centered Relationships  

Neptune’s journey through Pisces is inviting us in increasing numbers to re-connect with soul centered intimate relationships. Unconditional love and heart based intimacy is at the core of this new relationship paradigm. We will explore how the current transits can best assist us to expand the areas of our chart connected to love and intimacy and clear unresolved internal complexes and blocks that may stand in our way.

2. Nina GryphonAnt Room

Wealth in the Natal Horoscope 

Learn to locate and maximize natal potential for wealth in your natal horoscope and determine your overall luck, level of wealth, and best sources of income. We explore classical methods for determining levels of wealth in the natal horoscope.

3. Yvonne KlitsnerQuail Room

A Small Step for Astrology, A Giant Leap for Psychotherapy: A New Paradigm for Understanding the Counselling Profession. 

The counselling relationship can evoke meaningful emotional experiences and synchronistic parallels that are sometimes felt to be so transformative that both client and counsellor share the sense of a larger intentionality. This lecture will present the results of an accredited doctoral study that used astrology to illuminate the archetypal dynamics informing the therapeutic relationship and process. Case examples are examined both psychologically and astrologically, demonstrating the powerful mutuality of the counselling relationship.

4. Maria Luise MathisJack Rabbit Room

Twins, Triplets, Quadruplets & More:  Interpreting Multiple Births
The Combine:  A successful method to interpret two or more diverse personalities in one horoscope.  

The astrological studies on multiple births will be presented and discussed.  Therefore, horoscopes of identical twins, non-identical twins, triplets and even quadruplets will be used as examples.  Their interpretation will be conducted with the use of the Combine method.  Similarities and characteristic differences of their personalities will be pointed out and reflected despite the fact of almost equal horoscopes.

5. Demetra GeorgeBird/Road Runner Room​

Hellenistic Aspects and Trauma 

Hellenistic astrologers enumerated seven kinds of aspect configurations that were indicative of severe planetary maltreatment. How can modern astrologers utilize this doctrine to identify sources of trauma in a person’s life, either from past lives, unconscious childhood memories, or painful adult experiences? How can an astrologer assess if the condition can be healed on its own with time, needs specialized therapeutic assistance, or remains as a core wound in the psyche?

6. Nick Dagan BestDeer/Scorpion Room​

Venus and the Eight-Year Synodic Cycle  

Venus is not only about love, pleasure, and beauty, but also lust, betrayal, corruption, disgrace, and conspiracy! The presentation examines the eight-year synodic cycle of Venus in history, particularly its five retrograde phases and their relationship with scandal.

7. Lynn HydeGila Monster Room​

Dancing Simply with Declinations in Astronomy's Basic Shoes!  

This visually stimulating presentation will colorfully show the astronomy of planets parallel, contra- parallel and out of bounds in declination. This will be the result of the gems that Lynne has collected and polished over her nine-month study using declinations in her daily astrology practice as determiners’ of events and experiences. Witnessing the beauty of basic astronomy and authentic inquiry will hopefully connect our astrological knowing not only to our minds but also to our toes! 

8. Michael LutinAkimel One ​

Humans Rising 

Prenatal, Natal and Progressed Aspects in the Evolution of our Species:  The obvious but often overlooked secret factors that define and predict the path of a lifetime.  Is it Choice? Or Obedience? Or merely Escape from Emptiness?

9. Jane Ridder-PatrickKave Three ​ ​

The Mutable Cross in Medical Astrology 

Every chart factor is linked with its anatomical and physiological counterparts and each of the crosses is associated with characteristic psychological profiles and a spectrum of related symptoms. In this lecture, we will explore the significance of the mind-body connection in the mutable signs and find clues to possible health improvement in the areas involved, using insights from astrological symbolism.

RECEPTION and EVENING COCKTAILS: Cash Bar, hors d’oeuvres  5-6:30PM
5:30PM The Planetary Jesters


Friday, September 26

7:30 - 8:30 AM:  Interpretive Trail Walk: Guided Tour
8:00  -9:00 AM:  Energy Astrology
9:30 - 10:30 AM: Round Table Coffee Chats: Akimel Ballroom One & Two


 SESSION #3:  11:00 AM - 12:15 PM: Lectures  

1. Eileen McCabeHorse Room

Saturn in Scorpio  

Saturn in Scorpio has been a rite of passage, and wherever you have in Scorpio, you have been experiencing a process of death and rebirth. We will explore the deeper meaning of Saturn in Scorpio, how it has impacted each sign of the zodiac and how the eighth house quality of Saturn in Scorpio has further contributed to the transformational journey of the transit of Pluto in Capricorn.

2. Verena BachmannAnt Room

Faces of Love  

Everyone strives and longs for Love. But no one seems to really know what Love is. Depending on the person, their needs, development and consciousness Love can be something like desire, care, empathy, compassion, connectedness, oneness and many others. In this workshop we will explore the different aspects of Love, the associated planets and their ways of expressing and experiencing it.

3. Nuno Michaels: Quail Room

How Much Sun Can a Moon Take? Some Secrets on the Integration of Polarities 

Night and day. . . You are the one. . .. In a polarized universe, we have to manage polarities through our own polarities. And the polarities you don’t manage, manage you. Finding our own place of Being is learning how to work with polarities, not against them. The best part of it all is: they’re both inside. Your place of power is your own Sun, to which you access through the Moon. I will show you what I mean.

4. Eric MeyersJack Rabbit Room

Aspects and Awakening  

What is the evolutionary purpose of the aspects? What do we learn through the interchange of Gemini square Pisces, or Taurus opposed Scorpio? This lecture will review the spiritual programs of every (major) aspect. Each sign actually connects with all of the others to reveal a striking template for our growth. We will also address the shadow possibilities if the spiritual curriculum is approached unconsciously

5. Michael Lutin: Bird/Road Runner Room​

The Use of Time and Space in the Art of Prophecy 

Whether you embrace the growing study of genetic memory or not, as astrologers, we must learn how to project ourselves backward and forward in space and time to develop a skill and predictive techniques

6. Jeff JawerDeer/Scorpion Room​

Transformational Astrology   

We are living in a time of radical change as Uranus and Pluto continue their intense square dance into 2015. The message of this transit is clear: it’s time for a change. Astrology’s unique role is to facilitate the process of breaking free of our limits instead of using our charts to hold us back. Inspired by the work of Dane Rudhyar, this lecture is about using astrology as a tool for liberation and a model for personal and collective transformation.

7. Maurice FernandezCoyote/Buzzard Room​​

Identifying Past Lives in the Chart   

Explore confirmed reincarnation cases through Astrology, seeing the charts of the same soul in the current and preceding life. This rare occasion and ground-breaking research reveals deep astrological and spiritual insights into the evolutionary sequence of the soul. The astrological signatures in these charts make a compelling case for reincarnation. Join us in this important study! You are invited to view this video before the presentation:

8. Charlotte BensonEagle Room ​

Vedic Astrology 

While the core concepts of both Western/tropical Astrology and Vedic/sidereal Astrology are essentially the same, the Vedic model offers some really useful and precise additions to the meanings of the planets, houses and aspects. There are fascinating variations, some of which are gender-based! Mars rules property matters. Saturn can function as a benefic. The 5th house references intelligence, and past life credit. Only Jupiter and North Node throw trines. (Almost) “No Math Required!”

9. Alexandar Imsiragic: Gila Monster Room​ ​

Practical Meaning of Zodiacal Degrees of Planetary Exaltations and Falls (Beginners) 

Knowledge of Zodiacal degrees is one the most powerful tool in reading natal chart. In this lecture we learn how to apply and read planets and house cusp on degrees of planetary dignities (exaltations and falls).


12:15 PM - 1:45 PM: Lunch


 LUNCHTIME GREATS: 12:45 - 1:45 PM  

1. Naomi Bennett: Horse Room

Sacred Geometry in Astrology  

Angles like Angels meant everything to the founders of Western astrology. Angles have meaning that is found in astrology’s beginnings. Naomi looks at these designs and forms in astrological signs and aspects that create energy patterns and motivations. Looking at form applied to natal charts or transits can give a new understanding of astrology as personality and hidden purposes. 

2. Joyce Levine:  Ant Room

Pluto - Death or Transformation?  

Pluto is the only planet over which we have no control. Its cycles coincide with dramatic life changes that strip away what's no longer meant to be. This talk provides an understanding of how the Pluto process affects individuals and the collective and shows how its cycles bring what has been previously unconscious, or suppressed, to the surface. It illustrates how Pluto's transit of each sign affects world trends.

3. Tad Mann: Quail Room

Dynamic Astrology: Resonant DNA and the Spiral Solar System 

The solar system moves a million miles a day around the Galactic Center, carrying the planets in their spiral movements that echo the form of the DNA molecule within every cell. See how to decode this pattern as a dynamic astrology from conception to old age using Life Time Astrology. Using a unique dating disk or computer program, you can date events throughout your life.

4. Erin SullivanJack Rabbit Room​

Cosmic Shamanism: The Evolution of Consciousness: Sighting of the Outer Planets 

Crossing the solar system boundary of Saturn brought to the collective consciousness archetypes that morphed, and opened new options to our global and individual choices. Changes of this magnitude bring revolution, adaptation and transformation; both alarm and beauty. Each of us holds within our psyche receptors for imaging the yet unknown and unseen. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and their timing of emergence into consciousness, the evolutionary characteristics are symbolized in the horoscope of their discovery. 

5. Roy GillettBird/Road Runner Room​

The Astrology of a New World Economy   

How effectively are economists and politicians reacting to the demand for realistic efficiency symbolized by the Pluto in Capricorn period? Are post-2008 short term, debt-driven avoidance tactics leading to future disaster; especially for Western economies? Can vast Chinese capital expenditure really bring sustained growth? Or we at the gateway of a new ethical world economy? Wise understanding of the astrology of the Pluto-in-Capricorn period makes this possible. 


 SESSION #4:  2:00 - 3:15 PM: Lectures  

1. Marcia Ferreira SilvaHorse Room

Astrology and Analytical Psychology: A Correlation  

Exploring Jung's Analytical Psychology brings new light in our understanding of the human psyche. The correlation between Astrology and Jung's theory, also known as the Theory of Complexes, provides a deeper analysis in a natal chart reading. In this lecture, we will focus on a practical way to understand it -- on the analysis of Jung's chart and some of his own personal complexes. We will see how this unfolded in his life and work through some extraordinary facts.   

2. Ani BettatiAnt Room

The Outer Planets in Natal charts  

When Pluto, Uranus and Neptune are strong in the Natal Chart the psyche reacts in a defensive way.
These planets bring changes that threaten the vain longing for security and stability.
Pluto energy suggests death and transformation.
Uranus will liberate us from attachment and fixed structures.
Neptune dissolves the boundaries that separate us from the wholeness.
As a consequence our fear and control, limit the energy of the chart to a low level of integration.

3. Sandra-Leigh SerioQuail Room

Planetary Aspects and Life Experiences  

This lecture focuses on certain planetary aspects and major configurations in the natal chart that influence life choices and reveal the possible manifestation of events that may be beyond our control. We do possess free will but there are certain experiences we cannot avoid. By studying the natal chart and the interplay between planets, you can ascertain what significant experiences may be promised in your lifetime. 

4. Karine DilanyanJack Rabbit Room

On Karmic and Non-karmic Astrology: Tibetan Astrology  

Tibetan astrology is least known in the West, however it contains a lot of invaluable practical material for modern astrologers. It is connected to the Buddhist esoteric practices and the doctrines of ancient pre-Buddhist Tibetan tradition Bon. In the course of this lecture, we shall consider components of Black and White astrology, "The Wheel of Life" or the archetype of the Universe and its analogy to the Western astrological system, and discuss astrology as a spiritual way to Liberation. 

5. Demetra GeorgeBird/Road Runner Room​

Time Lords: Annual Profections and the Solar Return Chart 

The solar return chart on the birthday provides a snapshot of the coming year; but modern astrologers must decide which of four possible charts to use depending upon choices of precession and location. This lecture will explain a simple Hellenistic timing technique that sidesteps all this confusion and evaluates the solar return within the context of a time lord procedure called annual profections. Learn how to determine which house topic and planetary lord are in charge of the life for the year and how well their natal agenda will unfold during their annual term as time lords.

6. Frank Clifford: Deer/Scorpion Room​

Spotlight on Success: Making the Most of your Midheaven   

In this talk, Frank will offer new insights from his years of research into the MC. This much-neglected angle has much to say about our reputation and public image, and, as part of an axis, our parental messages and family inheritance. Astrologically, our MC complex reveals our personal definition of success and our deep-seated drives to make a societal/professional contribution. We gain recognition as we “follow our bliss” and adopt the roles described by it.

7. Richard TarnasCoyote/Buzzard Room​​

The Role of Astrology for a Civilization in Crisis   

In a world undergoing such fundamental transformation, what role can be played by astrology, at once the gold standard of superstition in our culture, yet for the initiated, uniquely capable of illuminating virtually every realm of human experience. How can we hold this paradox? And what might be the historical role of the astrological community itself, carrying principles and perspectives so contrary to the mainstream culture’s assumptions about the nature of the cosmos? 

8. Alex Trenoweth:  Eagle Room ​

Growing Pains: Astrology in Adolescence 

Drawing on her extensive experience as an astrologer and high school teacher, Alex Trenoweth demonstrates the pattern of growth and development during adolescence using the transits of Jupiter and Saturn. The placements of these planets provide valuable clues to how a person learns and then finds meaning in the lessons of life. Parents and teachers can apply this knowledge of astrology to help their adolescents navigate the treacherous waters of growing up.

9. Ema KurentGila Monster Room​ ​

Missing People and Horary Charts 

Where is he? Is she alive? Will they come back? Throughout my long study and practice of horary astrology, cases of missing people have been particularly mind-boggling, due to the urgency, which they usually involve. With the right approach, astrologers can help people to find those whom they miss, or at least point to their condition (alive, in a crisis, returning etc.). Several interesting cases from my files will be shown, some involving public figures.


 SESSION #5:  3:45 - 5:00 PM: Lectures  

1. Felicia JiangHorse Room

Astrology and Education: Experience in China  

There's a revolutionary movement now worldwide in education that will change people's ways of learning significantly. Will MOOC, as it is said, change the way people learn astrology and give astrology education the chance to renovate itself? Will astrology benefit with the wave of this Education Industry's revolution? Felicia brings her thought to this subject and will listen to your wisdom. All friends who are interested in Astrology Education are highly welcome. 

2. Hakan KirkogluAnt Room

How Your Prenatal Eclipse and Lunations Shape Up Your Life   

Although there has not been extensive material on prenatal eclipses, lunations and their relation to our life stories, I consider them especially useful in pinpointing major life themes, within the astrological counselling when it is used side by side with the natal chart. The themes of the prenatal eclipse sign and the natal condition of its ruler cast striking information about the general direction in life. We will look at practical examples.

3. John GreenQuail Room

If You’re Going Through Hell, Keep Going: Depression and Astrology  

Depression and despair are huge problems for many people in the world today. We will look at how astrology can give us an understanding into the meaning of the Black Dog, as Winston Churchill called it. How can we understand this process and what path can we follow to get through and learn from the experience? 

4. Lea ImsiragicJack Rabbit Room

Learn to Heal Challenging Mars Aspects  

Mars is essential for our surviving, immunity, for action and achieving anything. So, come and learn how challenging Mars aspect will act on mental, emotional and everyday level and how we can heal them buy discover their need, with special activities, exercises and essences of flowers 

5. Rick LevineBird/Road Runner Room​

Rhythms of Manifestation: Saturn, Squares and the Nodes 

It has been said that Saturn has a lot in common with the square; they both have a restrictive nature that crystallizes into reality. How do the Moon’s Nodes fit into this discussion? Explore the similarities and differences in these three astrological concepts and learn how we can use this new perspective to do better astrology. 

6. Adam GainsburgDeer/Scorpion Room​

Sky Phases 1: The Inner Planets   

Rooted in ancient sky watching, the visible or heliacal phases of the planets represent the origin of astrological tradition. The living sky was the very first astrological "chart." Adam will introduce the little-known, simple sky factors which link modern astrology to our shared roots as astrologers. He will then present the underlying structure of the Inner Planet phases with the Sun and offer a comparison of delineations between chart-only and chart+sky. Welcome the astrological sky back into your astrological charts!

7. Lynn BellCoyote/Buzzard Room​​

The Invented Self, the Mask, and the Mirror    

The power of the ideal self, seen in the fiery triangle of 1st, 5th and 9th houses, pulls us forward in life. At the same time, our past exerts a backward tug, and our wounds can demand a great deal of attention. Where does the true self lie, and how does our birth chart reveal its outlines? 

8. Per Henrik GullfossEagle Room ​

Ten Astrological Steps to Empowerment and Love 

In this lecture, we see how the planets create a staircase that we use to walk from dependency and lack of understanding, to being the masters of our own lives. This simple ten-step program explains how the planets are stepping stones for learning to be the one who decides how much love there will be in your life. Instead of being dependent on others to love you, see how you can fulfil your own dreams.

9. Robert Corre: ​Gila Monster Room​ ​

Detecting Great Success and Fame in the Natal Chart 

What planetary configurations differentiate a person who fits into “the norm,” a lifestyle that satisfies the usual needs to have a partner and family to those birth skies that take the native completely beyond the customary giving great success and fame? Taking into account an individual’s social, cultural, and political circumstance, what are the motivating factors required? What prompts the person and how strongly is the person attracted? Motivation is the key to this topic.

5:15 - 6:15 PM:       ISAR GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING and RAFFLE - Everyone welcome 
6:15 PM - 7:00 PM: Evening cocktails
8:30 PM                 AYA Party


Saturday, September 27


8:00 - 9:00 AM:  Energy Astrology
9:30 - 10:30 AM:  Round Table Coffee Chats


 SESSION #6:  11:00 AM - 12:15 PM: Lectures  

1. Darri Low Murphy: BEGINNERS TRACK: Horse Room

Challenges and Gifts  

Meet the challenges of the quadruplicities, and the taken-for-granted gifts of the triplicities. Come to recognize how basic foundational structures and modes relate to astrological signs, their elements, and the planets placed within them. Discover how and why personal compatibility occurs with some folks, and discomfort may occur with others. Learning styles will briefly be discussed related to these astrological signatures. 

2. Gali LivnehAnt Room

Going up the Spiral - Planets and Chakras   

The chakra system, originated in Indian philosophy, is already well known and used in relation to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. In this lecture, Gali will explain the correlations between the chakras and the planets, and how to work with them when analyzing a chart. 

3. Karine DilanyanQuail Room

Nicholaus Copernicus  and Reform of Astrology  

Nicholaus Copernicus’ book ‘On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres’ is considered a major event in the history of science that produced a ‘paradigm shift’ and contributed importantly to the scientific revolution.  However, what was Copernicus’ attitude towards astrology, how his ideas were met by his contemporaries-astrologers? How they influenced a great reformer of astrology Johannes Kepler and the father of modern astrology of 20th century Alan Leo? And how far are we now from his ideas?  

4. Frances ClynesJack Rabbit Room

Neptune and the New Frontier  

In the myths, Poseidon, although god of the sea, is hungry for land. When Neptune was discovered in 1846 it was exactly conjunct Saturn at 25˚Aquarius and conjunct the Moon in the US chart (Sibley). In the US, this was the beginning of the great Western migration as people sought a new home. In 1969, Neptune squared the US Moon and Poseidon once more claimed land when the American flag was raised on the Moon. This talk will look at the relationship between Neptune and the US chart up to the present day. 

5. Lynn Bell:  Bird/Road Runner Room​

Listening to the Daimon: the 12th house  

The 12th house is a profoundly mysterious part of the chart, where energies can be locked away or wildly out of control. Perhaps we are being asked to listen to their promptings differently. The ancients called this the house of the kakodaimon, the Bad Daemon, the one who guides us through difficult experiences, to places we would rather not go.  How can we understand the tasks that are given by planets in this complex house, and by its ruler? 

6. Frank CliffordDeer/Scorpion Room​

Understanding the In-Depth Dynamics of Sign Combinations   

Today we’ll look at how signs in combination interact and manifest in a natal chart. Some connections are easy to spot, such as the freedom-focused, future-orientated duo of Sagittarius and Aquarius, or the home, hearth, gardens and cuisine combo of Cancer and Taurus. But what of Leo and Capricorn? Cancer and Libra? Aries and Virgo? We’ll consider how they really work with each other, so bring along your own charts and stories, too.

7. Lee LehmanCoyote/Buzzard Room​​

The Prediction of Doom and Gloom     

It is stunning how often people are convinced that they are witnessing the end of times. Conversely, astrologers, and other future predictors, often miss the big ones, like astrologers missing the beginning of World War II. We will consider how our own beliefs about the world impact our ability to predict the future, and shows how we can use the past to help us identify important trigger times in the future. 

8. Leisa SchaimEagle Room ​

Saturn Returns, Sect, and the Taboo Against Difficulty 

The ancient concept of sect, which is the distinction between day and night charts, can be used to help explain why different people experience their Saturn returns in remarkably different ways. This lecture will focus on how the subjective experience of the Saturn return as either more challenging or more constructive can be altered depending on the sect of a chart, and what implications that has for how life's difficulties are regarded in contemporary astrology.

9. Chris McRae: ​Gila Monster Room​ ​

Fitting into a Changing World by Creating a Career Profile 

We will go further in understanding career possibilities than the traditional trilogy of houses 2/6/10. Why be stuck in a job that is dull and boring when something inside of you screams to be expressed. The chart is alive with clues including a new concept or two to be added to your astrological toolbox or insight into organizing concepts you already know into a career profile. 


12:15 - 1:45 PM: Lunch


 LUNCHTIME GREATS: 12:45 - 1:45 PM: Lectures  

1. Ani BettatiHorse Room

The Dynamics of Hard Aspects in Connection with Relationships  

The hard aspects in the natal chart reflect the kind of problems that we live in relationships.
Conflicts with others are a reflection of the difficulty to integrate hard aspects. In the Natal Chart we have the energetic information that manifests in all the situations of our lives: our circumstances, bonds and destiny. We are going to observe some of the hard aspects in different examples and how these aspects condition the dynamics of relationships. 

5. Carol TebbsBird/Road Runner Room

Solving the Birth Time Dilemma: Rectification  

Accurate natal chart interpretation and forecasting trends depends upon accurate birth time. Birth times are rounded-off, recorded later or not recorded at all. Rectification is adjusting the birth time, usually by minutes; so astrological indicators synchronize appropriately with life events or situations. When the astrologer’s natal interpretation or forecast doesn’t match the client’s life experience, birth time rectification is helpful for improved accuracy. 

3. Kenneth MillerAnt Room

History of House Systems: From Castles to Condos.   

Many astrologers don't know where the different systems come from or their meaning. How do we explain the results obtained by famous astrologers using Placidus, Equal, Koch, Regiomontanus, etc.? With two hula-hoops and an orange, Kenneth will explain how each is made, WITHOUT THE USE OF ANY MATH! If you visualize a circle, or a cheerio, you will see how each cusp is arrived at. Discover the common denominator underlying ALL house systems.  

4. Julene Packer-Louis: BEGINNERS TRACK: Quail Room

Moon Signs  

Most everyone's introduction to Astrology is through the personality traits of their Sun Sign. Your Moon sign tells a lot about the inner you - your feeling nature, style of nurturing, sense of belonging, and what makes you feel safe, secure and protected. It also tells about the conditioned automatic response systems in the emotional memory that have their roots in past experience. Come and explore your inner self through your Moon sign.

5. Linea Van Horn: Jack Rabbit Room​​

Blinded by the Light: Planets Conjunct the Sun  

Of the hundreds of planetary aspects we use every day, there is one that renders a planet invisible: a conjunction with the Sun. Despite the frequency with which this occurs, there is disagreement about how to interpret it. In this exploration of “combustion,” it was traditionally called; both classical and modern views will be explained, as well as the psychological expression and astrological resolution for this common chart condition.  


 SESSION #7:  2:00 - 3:15 PM: Lectures  

1. Monica Dimino: BEGINNERS TRACK: Horse Room

The Zodiac: A Journey  

This lecture will feature the signs of the zodiac with simple key words, then explain how each fits into an integrated whole. Where do you fit into this ecosystem? What are tasks of your slice of the wheel? Rising Sign versus Sun Sign, fitting them into this picture supports a clearer view of this journey. A peek at the Midheaven will round out the map. All together, a simple tracking of these will provide a powerful frame with which to build your astrological studies 

2. Nuno MichaelsAnt Room

Working with Rulers and Dispositors   

When you begin to integrate the use of dispositors and rulers into your astrological delineations, a new dimension of the birth chart reveals itself before your mind’s eyes. Soon, you won’t delineate another chart without following these subtle, yet fundamental, energetic threads. In this non-technical overview of the topic, we will cover the basic concepts, rules and principles regarding dispositorship and see how these apply, in practical terms, to the natal chart. 

3. Katarina CampagnolaQuail Room

Using the dial in natal and predictive astrology  

This lecture is on Cosmobiology and the 90 degree dial. It covers the basics of Cosmobiology and how to use the dial and midpoints in natal and predictive astrological work. It touches upon progressions, how they indicate important life themes easily shown in the dial, and how one can use a graphical ephemeris to get a quick overview of the transits for the year.   

4. Armand DiazJack Rabbit Room

Integral Astrology: Understanding the Ancient Discipline in the Contemporary World  

How is it that so many types of astrology exist, and all seem valid? What about questions of fate and free will? Does astrology describe internal states or external events? We can answer these questions in a meaningful way if we explore the basics of integral theory and how they apply to astrology. Emphasis is on the role of culture and consciousness in astrological interpretation, with useful information for the practicing astrologer. 

5. Noel TylBird/Road Runner Room​

Thirteen Indispensable Analytical Techniques   

Hemisphere Emphasis; Sun/Moon blend; Saturn-Rx phenomenology; the Lunar Nodal Axis; House rulerships (and Tyl’s checkmark system); Idealism; the Grand Trine as Defense Mechanism; Peregrination; Mutual Reception; Rapport Arcs; SP Moon Awareness, with computation short-cut; Oriental Planet; Accumulated Developmental Deficit and illness.

6. Richard TarnasDeer/Scorpion Room​

Synchronicity, Romance, and Astrology   

Each of these three forms of human experience – meaningful coincidences, romantic love, and astrology – can open us to profound dimensions of life; each is highly susceptible to projection; and each can be negated by skepticism. How do we navigate between the mirages of projection and the desert of negation? This is the difficult path we must walk to reach the treasure of authentic contact with the numinous – in life, in another human being, in the cosmos.

7. Christine SkinnerCoyote/Buzzard Room​​


If the horoscope is a photograph and easily recognisable when passed from one astrologer to another, then harmonics provide tissue samples. This talk should be seen as a practical guide to anyone for whom harmonics are quick and useful tools for diagnosis and forecast. 

8. Felicia Jiang: Eagle Room ​

Experiential Astrology 

We all know how revealing astrology can be. Yet our astrological interpretations tend to be more of an intellectual exchange, one that may stimulate strong emotions, but not fully engage us physically, psychically and experientially. Felicia Jiang draws upon her experience with Hellinger’s Family Constellation work in China and Jeff Jawer’s AstroDrama, and invites you to experiment more with astrology “experientially” in group and workshop settings. 

9. Adam Gainsburg:  ​Gila Monster Room​ ​

Sky Phases 2: The Outer Planets 

Rooted in ancient sky watching, the visible or heliacal phases of the planets represent the origin of astrological tradition. The living sky was the very first astrological "chart." Adam will introduce the little-known, simple sky factors which link modern astrology to our shared roots as astrologers. He will then present the underlying structure of th​e Outer Planet phases with the Sun and offer a comparison of delineations between chart-only and chart+sky. Welcome the astrological sky back into your astrological charts! 


 SESSION #8:  3:45 - 5:00 PM: Lectures  

1. Susie Cox: BEGINNERS TRACK: Horse Room

Susie's Love Signs  

Do certain signs naturally get along and others are doomed? This is about her newest book, Susie's Love Signs, and a look at love. She struggled with finding a formula that worked for compatibility in relationships, and recently discovered the trick. The typical "like elements" or "Sun Sign squares" never worked for her. Now she feels comfortable with compatibilities and wants to share her new technique with you. 

2. Verena BachmannAnt Room

Faces of Power    

Power is an often used term with many different aspects. It can be seen as status, potency or as a means to achieve something. Most often it is associated with Pluto. But ultimately any Planet’s Energies can be used to gain or exert power. In this lecture we will explore the different aspects of power, and the ways the different planets use it.  

3. Marcia Ferreira SilvaQuail Room

Masculinity & Femininity: In Jung's Theory and in His Life and Chart  

Our male/female identities, regardless of gender, are formed according to how the primitive relationships with our parental figures and our psychological development have unfolded. In Jungian theory, femininity/masculinity and the consequent motherhood/fatherhood principles are archetypal experiences represented by Anima, Animus, the Great Mother Archetype and the Father Archetype, respectively, which are gradually formed and filled with our life experiences. How did these complexes unfold in Jung's life, through his chart?

4. Hakan KirkogluJack Rabbit Room

Prenatal Eclipse Returns  

In addition to the vital importance of prenatal eclipses in natal interpretation, this lecture introduces a fresh new outlook on prediction. Prenatal solar eclipse charts serve also to understand yearly themes and for future trends when they are employed as return charts. A prenatal eclipse return chart successfully sheds light on one’s activities, occupations and ongoing issues encountered in yearly predictions. In this lecture, we will provide with practical examples how to use this new technique. 

5. Nick Dagan BestBird/Road Runner Room​

Transmission from Mars   

Exploring the phenomenon of Mars’ fifteen-year synodic cycle and its astrological influence relative to both natal charts and events in the world. The presentation includes profiles on a varied assortment of people and events in pop culture and politics.

6. Raymond MerrimanDeer/Scorpion Room​

A Cyclical and Geocosmic Analysis of Gold and the USA Stock Market     

Both Gold and the USA stock market make historical tops and lows at rhythmic cyclical points. These major turning points also coincide with long-term planetary aspects. This presentation will review these studies, their historical correlations to one another, and what they say about the future direction of each.

7. Dennis M. Harness, Ph.D.Coyote/Buzzard Room​​

The Nakshatras: The Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology

This presentation will explore the deeper meanings of the twenty-seven nakshatras of the ancient Vedic zodiac. Nakshatra means, “that which does not decay” reflecting the primordial nature of the lunar mansions that further define the rashi or sign constellations. The practical and symbolic implications of the nakshatras are clearly embedded in many of the key elements of jyotish. The lecture will include a slide presentation to reveal the myths, deities and powerful symbols of the lunar mansions and their relevance to the modern world. 

8. Wendy Stacey: ​Eagle Room ​

Sleeping dogs; Unaspected Planets  

How do we interpret planets that do not have any major aspects in the birth chart? How do these planets connect or integrate with the other dynamics in the horoscope? This session will look at how unaspected planets can be the most dominant and obvious placement in the birth chart, how they can behave and express themselves and explore the best way to utilize them.  

9. Roy Gillett: ​Gila Monster Room​ ​

Making Friends with Astrology 

Knowing the astrology of people, as well as of the present, past and future times, enables us to see the world through others’ eyes; to experience their needs, fears and pleasures, as if they were our own. We see and feel responsible for a complete Universe. Roy will illustrate this with individual charts, synastry and historical astro-events and, looking ahead, suggest how such insight could help everyone create a better future. 

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM: Cocktails 
7:00 PM: Banquet  
Awards Ceremony hosted by Michael Lutin
Arizona Stargazing Event


Sunday, September 28

8:00 - 9:00 AM: Energy Astrology


 SESSION #9:  9:30 - 10:45 AM: Lectures  

1. Brad KochunasHorse Room

Astrology and Grief  

Death and loss are the great equalizers bringing each of us to the depths of our humanity. Whether we discuss loss in terms of loved ones, loss of health, home, career, youthful vitality, or freedom, loss is ever present in our lives. Astrology is no magic salve for grief but it can help us gain some perspective on these tragic occasions. 

2. Gali LivnehAnt Room

Crossing the Threshold - Natal and Pre-Natal Eclipse    

What does it mean to be born at the time of an Eclipse and what are the pre- natal Eclipses? Eclipses can be used both in Mundane and Natal Astrology, but in this lecture we will explore the meaning and influence of personal Eclipses on our lives, and how we can use them to understand ourselves, and our evolutionary purpose in a better way.  

3. Mark JonesQuail Room

An Introduction to the Planetary Nodes  

While the significance of the Moon’s Nodes has received wide attention throughout the astrological world, the fact that all the planets have a Nodal Axis had been only rarely considered. This talk will explore the significance of the planetary Nodes of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto and Neptune: showing how natal contact reveals a potential collective significance within the life of the individual and how the planetary archetypes themselves may be evolving through their Nodal Axis.   

4. Ryhan ButlerJack Rabbit Room

Reception: My House, My Rules  

Reception is an important classical consideration that is often overlooked in astrology. This talk covers the way a planet treats others in its dignities and what kind of effects that relationship has on a planet who happens to be in the sign of another. We’ll explore definitions and techniques that are based on these relationships between the planets such as mutual reception, negative reception, and the implications these have on horary and natal chart techniques. 

5. Noel TylBird/Road Runner Room​

The Astrology of Ill Health   

Tyl’s formulation of “Accumulated Developmental Deficit”  simply and dramatically reveals somatic and systemic breakdown within the aging process.  No fancy measurements; you don’t even need a pencil!  It’s using the rulerships we already know within appreciation of developmental tension. This method of observation helps save lives.

6. Chris Brennan:  Deer/Scorpion Room​

Electional Astrology: Rules for Successful Inceptions     

Electional astrology is used in order to select auspicious times to begin new undertakings. The premise is that an astrological chart set for the start of an event will reflect its future. By extension, an astrologer can choose or “elect” specific times to begin things when a successful outcome will be more likely. This lecture will cover the principles of electional astrology, outlining some traditional and modern considerations that are used to identify auspicious charts.

7. Rick Levine:  Coyote/Buzzard Room​​

Jupiter & Saturn: The Cosmic Regulators

Never again be at loss for what to say about Jupiter and Saturn. What does the largest and slowest moving of the visible planets reveal in a natal chart? What about their transits? How does this pair of planetary opposites work together for their common good? What about when they are at odds with each other? How can we use the Jupiter and Saturn cycles to understand the unfolding patterns of life?  

8. Jessica LanyadooEagle Room ​

Prenatal Conditions in the Chart  

Exploring prenatal conditions in the birth chart allows us to understand what was happening in the family life from one year prior to birth until the native was 7 yrs old. This provides invaluable insight into the family dynamics that shape us, and gives context to our most deep-seated issues. As always, Lanyadoo gives easy to use methodology in this lively talk  

9. Vivien Owen: ​​Gila Monster Room​ ​

How to Get Time Off for Good Behavior: The Education, Reformation and Integration of the 12th House 

Traditional descriptions of the 12th House can sound intimidating: The House of Personal Karma, The House of Self-Undoing, and The Behind the Scenes House. Planets in the 12th House can feel like prisoners trying to get time served for good behavior. Vivian discusses each planet, the north and south node, and the signs on the 12th House cusp, presenting strategies for bringing 12th House planets out into the world and stopping the high rate of recidivism.


 SESSION #10:  11:15 AM - 12:30 PM: Lectures  

1. Donna WoodwellHorse Room

Dream Walking: How to Use Astrology to Work with Your Dreams   

Astrology and dreaming have a long, intertwined history that dates back to ancient Greeks and Romans. We'll review the highlights of our dreaming history and explore which practices may be relevant to you today. Learn tips how to recall dreams, explore their symbolism, use astrological timing to invoke dreams, as well as encourage lucidity in dreamtime travels. We'll also consider ways to use dreaming in your personal astrological practice or when working with clients. 

2. Eileen McCabeAnt Room

Uranus in Aries: The Freedom to be Yourself     

A Uranus transit acts as a catalyst for awakening our own individual truth. Uranus in Aries symbolizes the emerging self that needs the freedom and independence to actualize its own unique potential. We will explore the meaning of this transit as it relates to the expression of both personal destiny and why living out one’s individuality contributes to the overall evolution of consciousness.  

3. David CochraneQuail Room

What House System Do You Use?  

In this seminar I will explain: (a) advantages and disadvantages of some of commonly used house systems, (b) problems and issues we encounter with different house systems, (c) how the astronomical basis of zodiac signs and houses is similar, (d) observations and conclusions about house systems that I came up with after interviewing and consulting thousands of clients, and (e) interpretations of the 12 houses that are slightly different from the usual interpretations.   

4. Dorothy OjaJack Rabbit Room

Combined Charts and Relationship Potential  

Probably the most commonly used chart to analyze relationships is the Composite Chart. Another gaining ever-greater popularity is the Davison Relationship chart. Both are based on the theory of midpoints and combining two individual charts to arrive at a single chart that expresses the nature and potential of the relationship. We’ll explore the commonalities and differences between the two and how each one explains the dynamic energy generated when people merge into relationship with each other.  

5. Jeff JawerBird/Road Runner Room​

Creative Prediction    

Being able to accurately predict events has been the primary measuring stick of astrologers’ skills since Babylonian times. But our radically different modern culture offers many more choices about the ways in which we can live our charts. This workshop explores ways to look at transits and progressions as tools for consciously choosing and creating the future. It’s a shift from reacting to trends as external events to using them in more self-directed ways.

6. Maurice FernandezDeer/Scorpion Room​

The YOD – Configuration for the Masterful      

Composed of two quincunxes and a sextile, the Yod is often referred to as “The Finger of God.” This pointed-shaped configuration requires the highest of a person’s integrity; it deflates arrogance and can only be mastered through sincere humility. Maurice goes through all possible Yod placements in the chart, detailing the different evolutionary lessons in each case.

7. Christeen SkinnerCoyote/Buzzard Room​​

Midpoint Magic

Midpoints are not equal with some offering powerful insights into how a person operates and how they might experience a progression or transit. Case histories are offered in this presentation which will focus on event-fullness and how the energy from some midpoints can be felt across generations.  

8. Julija SimasEagle Room ​

Cosmic Mind – Cultivating an astrological Meme  

From a sky full of omens to a sky full of possibilities, Astrology as a practice has moved through the ages, reflecting the worldview of the times. Astrologers have had the tools to help guide and heal the individual, as now we also have the tools to help guide and heal the collective. Julija explores the concept of the Cosmic Mind, the role of astrology in our conscious evolution and the need for cultivating an astrological meme for a world in transition.   

9. Kelly Surtees: ​​Gila Monster Room​ ​

The Temperaments and Our Collective Shift from Water to Fire.  

What are the four temperaments? How do they reflect the fundamental qualities of hot, dry, wet and cold – and what do these mean? Exploring how working with some of these essential first principles can provide a nuanced and rich approach to both natal and predictive work. Discussing how temperament sets tone and qualifies chart themes, as well as modifies aspect interpretation. You’ll also learn the hot, dry, wet, cold qualities of the Sun and Moon, based on sign and phase. The collective shift from water to fire in 2015 will also be touched on.

12:30 - 2:15 PM: Lunch


 LUNCHTIME GREATS: 1:15 - 2:15 PM  

1. Jodie ForrestHorse Room

Venus, Mars and Pluto: Love, Desire and the Cauldron   

Many astrologers consider Venus and Mars the planets correlated to intimacy in a birth chart. In friendships, that’s often true. But Pluto, Lord of the Underworld (a.k.a. the unconscious), co-rules the eighth house... As our connection to someone deepens, we begin a series of crossings into Pluto’s realm. The eighth house is the alchemical alembic where relationships are forged, and Pluto is always a third party in them. How can we best navigate these border crossings? 

2. Jacqueline JanesAnt Room

Aspect Patterns - Individual Consciousness and Motivation     

Aspects between planets form interesting patterns and pictures that give meaning to the sense of how the individual operates in the world. Beginning with more familiar patterns like the Small Talent Triangle and the Kite, we will explore new patterns like the cradle, bathtub and UFO as defined by the Hubers. Using many chart examples the complex psychology of these patterns will be explored to find the individual's pattern for consciousness and motivation.  

3. Grace MorrisBird/Road Runner Room

The Economy, Interest Rates, Deflation/Inflation, Business and Real Estate Cycles  

A look at the year ahead in business cycles, the economy, interest rates, inflation and deflation. How to succeed and prosper with knowledge of cycles, past, and present.   

4. Marcia Starck: Quail Room

Medical Astrology - Its Practice and Use in the 21st Century  

We will look at the practice and techniques of Medical Astrology as it is being used in the 21st Century. We will discuss electional  charts, as well  as progressions and transits as they relate the individual’s physiological problems to psychological  and spiritual dimensions.  

5. Joanne Wickenburg: Jack Rabbit Room

Living Your Chart    

There is a part of you that yearns for excitement (Uranus); another part wants you to be safe (Moon). Still another part wants respect and recognition (Saturn). One part determines what you want (Venus), while another’s role is to get it (Mars). Are these parts working together in harmony? Or do they simply not understand each other?



Monday September 29

ISAR Competency Exam          9:00 AM - 4:00 PM